Here is a list of people who have claimed to make deposits and not received a trailer or a refund. Stolen may be a bold term, but it is how the customers have felt in dealing with Moby1. Whether Moby1 has actually bought parts for the customer trailers is unknown. There are reports of people who went to their shop and there wasn’t much in there, a demo trailer that had parts taken from it to put into another trailer, some cabinets for a trailer and a trailer with part of the body build.

  • Aron Woolman, August 2016, amount not disclosed.

  • Peter Cole, March 2018, $20,000, told an early delivery of July 2018.

  • Max Simmons, July 2016, requested a refund June 2018, still waiting.

  • Robin Aitchinson, September 2016, told a delivery date of March 2018.

  • John Orlowski, August 2016, put down $4,647 on a C2 trailer. Stopped getting responses from Moby1 since June.

  • Brad Machart, September 2016, put down $16,772.50. Hasn’t gotten a response from Moby1 since July 2018.

  • Shawn Keen, one of the lucky ones, was able to get their deposit back.

  • Sean and Christina Wall, August 2017, $18,000, unable to get a response from Moby1.

  • Robin Bennett, July 2017, deposit not disclosed, last response from Moby1 was back in August.

  • Mike Huber, November 2017, $14,000, promised date of June 2018 with an expedite fee.

If you have given a deposit and have been wronged by Moby1 you can file a complaint at the Consumer Protection of Utah and go to the File a Complaint link. You may also email Blake Young,