Last Completed Trailer (To our Knowledge)

To our knowledge Daniel Campo was the last completed trailer from Moby1 the trailer was completed June 14, 2018. Here is his story that was posted September 2018:

It was a fight to get my trailer. 
They kept giving me a new completion date every week that kept moving back.
Once a hard completion date was established, I was 800 miles into my drive to go pick up my trailer as agreed to when they backed out..
I drove to Moby 1 anyway to meet with them and establish a pickup date one week later. Left my vehicle parked in their lot and flew home. 
A couple days later Ashley demanded final payment in advance in order to buy the parts needed to complete the trailer, when I said no he threatened to sell my trailer to someone else. The day before my flight back to Utah, someone else put down a deposit on a trailer and Ashley used that money to order all the rest of my needed parts.
I showed up and they were bolting on parts out of boxes.
I left with my trailer the next day.

There was another partially completed trailer in the corner but I don’t know if it was ever finished.

I have a good friend in Salt Lake that drove by the other day and there were disconnect notices and a stack of mail by the front door.