Disclaimer: This section is labeled as hearsay, because well, it’s here say. Utah is a big state but a small community. Everyone talks. The below information is being recorded as off-the-record and there may not be any actual truth to the below information. They are stories that people through the community have shared about Moby1. More will be shared as it becomes available.

  • The last completed trailer by Moby1 was on June 14, 2018.

  • The power was shutoff to the building around October 2, 2018. Ashley Grimes has confirmed this in an email and stated “Just a snafu because we were out of town”. Sorry but your power gets shut off from not paying the bill not because you were out of town for a few days, or were you out of town for months? No one seems to ever be at the office.

  • In the same email Ashley Grimes says “There are guys in my shop (even if lights were off) and a few work nights” yet the doors are locked, no cars are there, and the last trailer to be delivered was June 14, 2018. Oh and if the power was shut off how are they using tools etc? Also sounds like unsafe working conditions.

  • Ashley Grimes claims two vital employees left. Tyler, a former employee of Moby1 states all the production employees left Moby1 because they are owed around 6 weeks pay and that Moby1 currently has no way to build trailers. Explains why they last trailer was completed June 14.

  • Ashley Grimes states it takes 2-3 weeks to build the trailer when all the parts are there. So why is he taking 18-24 months to deliver trailers when he finally delivers one? Where is the money going? He can come to work in a new motorcycle or a new jeep, but can’t build customer trailers? What about those trips to Disney he frequently takes?

  • Should we talk about money owed to suppliers? Why’s he have to take a heater from a demo trailer? Why’s he keep promising the same frame to multiple people and will give it to the “person who pays”.

  • He continues to make promises to customers that he could have their trailer to them in a month if the rest of the money owed on the trailer is given to Moby1. He gives the same offer to new customers if they pay for their trailer in full.

  • There may have been another partially completed trailer that left Moby1 sometime in June. The final trailer was assembled and not fully completed. It was a rolling frame, box with doors, pantry. It was minus many parts - assumably because Ashley no longer had the vendor relationships.